3 Ways to Improve Working on a Virtual Team

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virtual_meeting Working on a virtual team can be a challenge. Here are some suggestions to help with virtual team management and to help your team work more effectively.

Use Instant Messaging for Unscheduled Meetings

Use instant messaging to get quick answers or opinions from your teammates. IM programs are free. At a glance, you can check your coworkers’ status to see whether they’re available to chat online. The following are different ways to use IM.

– Use a webcam to connect visually.
– Use multi-person chat to conduct a spontaneous online meeting.
– IM your teammates’ cell phones when they’re away from their computers.


Use a Virtual Conference Room

Web-based conferencing, or web conferencing, makes it possible to brainstorm, create a slide presentation, have a staff meeting, or conduct training sessions with a group of people—even if they are thousands of miles apart.

The following is needed to begin:

Using either Lync or Live Meeting requires coordination with your IT department to create a subscription account or to install a server.

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Share Meeting Information

When organizing meetings, the simplest way to keep your team members on the same page is to create a web-based, shared calendar that everyone can edit. Then you’ll know that everyone is looking at exactly the same schedule and can see any changes instantly. You can create a shared calendar in a variety of programs, including Windows Live Hotmail and Outlook.

The following is needed to begin:

In Windows 7, the calendar is part of Hotmail. Sign up for a free Hotmail account by getting a Windows Live ID.

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