Computer Virus Removal Easier Said than done.

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So you have a brother, uncle, best friend that will take care of your computer virus? I hear this a lot but in reality where did you get that virus from, perhaps the same person that is trying to remove it.

Many viruses can come into a computer without you even knowing and one day you say something is not right. A computer came into the other day with complaints of being slow. No popups, no browser issues, just slow and unresponsive. After a quick review onsite I knew something was up and it needed attention, more than what I could provide there. I brought it back to MJM Network Computer shop and started to work on it.

I backed up all of the customer’s data first of course and then moved into the virus removal. I found about 10 Trojan viruses and rebooted the system. Next up was fighting a blue screen of death. I was able to get around this by using Window’s boot with last known good configuration. Now the fun begins!

The machine now booted, quicker and was responsive now but here came the popups and the browswer redirects, going to every site in the world except for the ones I wanted to go to. Turns out there were 5 Rootkits embedded into the operating system. It took about 6 hours total and got the machine back in the same day but keep in mind:

Computer Virus Removal – Easier said than done.

Fourtunely MJM Network Offers a Flat rate of only $69.99 For Virus removal!

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