Running command prompt – Various reasons, commands, and more!

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You may think that using command prompt is for tech savvy computer junkies, but that’s just not true! Command prompt is simple and, with a few well versed commands, you can effectively solve a variety of simple errors that left you previously befuddled!

So what is command prompt?

Command prompt is on all Windows Operating Systems and is a way for a user to directly input a command for it to be executed by the computer. The actual file name is cmd.exe and you may often see the command prompt abbreviated as just cmd.

How to find command prompt

To open up the command prompt screen simply go to your “Start Menu”, and type in “cmd” or “command prompt” in the search bar. Once you do you will see the filtered results pull up the command prompt program then, from there, simply double click and a black screen with white lettering will appear.

Why use command prompt?

Using command prompt is simple and can help you with a variety of issues such as failure to connect to the internet and website loading problems. Additionally you can also find out data on your computer from command prompt so you can then take that data and use it to pinpoint a specific reason for an issue you are having.

Simple commands and their uses

Ipconfig/release – this command will release the ip and is followed by the second command in our list to renew it and hopefully fix internet connection errors.

Ipconfig/renew – this command follows the previous one in hopes of resolving internet issues.

Copy files – cp /files/or/directories/to/copy  /directory/to/copy/to/  This allows you to copy a directory and all sub directories to a new place!

DEL – DEL is used in conjunction with a file name or directory name to delete what is specified. For example the cmd line: DEL <Virus.exe>   will delete the virus.exe program!

Print – Simply typing Print <Filenamehere> will automatically print whatever file it was you selected.There are hundreds of different commands for the cmd prompt with some being quite complex! Here we’ve only listed a handful but it gives you the idea of the capabilities of command prompt and how it can help you!