So You Broke Your Phone Screen: What Should You Do Next

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Touch screen devices like iPhones, iPads, and Android devices are much more robust than they used to be. Phone screens are more durable, cases are more advanced, and there are many products you can use to add protection to your screens.

But accidents still happen: you drop your phone just right and bang! Your screen cracks. What do you do now?

Assess the Damage

Is it a small crack, or smashed? Are you at risk for cuts if you try and use the screen? Assess the extent of the damage before deciding to use your device. If it’s a minor crack and the phone functions fine despite the damage, you may be able to get by until your contract runs out, or you can get it repaired. If it’s serious, and your ability to use your phone is compromised, it’s time to figure out your next steps.

Back-up Your Data

It’s always a good idea to back your phone up regularly. We don’t get to plan when our phones are going to break, so being prepared is still the best option. But if the worst happens, and it’s been a while since your last back-up, try to complete one. If your screen is non-responsive, try completing a back-up with a computer. Even though this will not always work with a broken screen, it is worth a try.

Check Your Coverage

Does your protection plan cover accidental damage to your screen? If so, great! You should be able to get your phone repaired with low to no out of pocket costs. If you have a high deductable contact us to compare our repair price against your deductible. If screen damage is not covered, get a quote from us for the repair. Which brings us to the next question.

Repair or Replace?

Are you close to your next upgrade? Is the cost of repair more than the cost of replacing the phone? If your device is new enough, fixing the screen might make the most sense, but for older devices, or more extensive damage, replacing the entire device might be the better option.

No one likes dealing with a broken phone, but we’re here to help! If you’re near one of our locations, contact us for a free quote. 

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